We love seeing the way people wear their Kaleidoscope necklaces. We don't want our story to end with you once you get your necklace. These necklaces are conversation starters and I never get tired of hearing or seeing them. Jewelry can be so versatile these days and I LOVE to see how you accessorize and show off yours. Send us photos of how you wear your Becca Laws to info@beccalaws.com to be featured on Instagram or maybe even our website! If you are on Instagram be sure to tag #iwearmybl so we can find you! XO

Keiko Lynn in the Kaleidoscope letter "K" necklace

Keiko Lynn in the Kaleidoscope letter "K" necklace

Live a little

The newest season of 'The Bachelorette' has inspired me to start back up and write (at least it is something). I watched the premiere and while I think the show is more scripted than genuine, it still has a great angle. Who has the chance to meet men/women all across the US and date them? This opportunity is only presented should you choose to partake in a reality TV show. You get to explore the world and enjoy a complimentary vacation while you vie for someone's love. What is not to love?

I think the closest thing we have to a more practical version of 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette' is Tinder. You can travel from state to state, set your mile radius to what you see fit, and swipe away. The one major problem: you leave shortly after you swipe someone decent.

What the show really touches on is finding love. Living in New York, you get a sad reality check that not many people are here to find love. When I think back to the 'Sex and the City' movie and Jennifer Hudson talking about moving to New York to find love, I laugh. Perhaps that happens but, more often then not, people move to the big apple to find a career. I got that sad wake up call about year ago from my old co-worker who has been living in the city almost her entire life; she is middle-aged and still dating away.

While I am perfectly content in my life right now (despite your typical challenges), it would be nice to meet other like-minded individuals. Finding friends, let alone someone you would consider dating, is not an easy task. A few months back, I was walking my dog and met this girl outside of my apartment. She was walking home from the subway and stopped to tell me how cute Rigby is. I was pretty cold and not looking to chat; however, she was very nice and had a cute dog as well. We talked for maybe 5 minutes and then I asked if she had a card. We both agreed it would be great to have a new friend and it was settled! One month later we are taking pottery classes and she invites me to her wedding in Spain (before I have even met her husband!). Now that is how I like to live my life.

If there is any point to this whole thing, it is that life is worth exploring. It is worth taking chances and not turning something down just because it doesn't sound practical or may appear to be crazy. Why not find a pen pal in another state (even if they came from Tinder). The best stories in life come from taking chances. XO

to love > to be loved

Last week I had the luxury of spending time with my mom. Sadly it has come to be a luxury because of proximity. It is always refreshing to spend time with family because they almost always know the ins and outs of who you are. Fortunately I have great places to visit and this time I jetted to Asheville, NC. 

While I was there, I finally thought of so many great things to blog about. Seeing as my Grandmother lived there, we know quite a few older people. I will admit, sometimes I have little patience for life reflections of those I barely know. However, this time around I quite enjoyed hearing particular life reflections from a friend of my Grandmothers. I came to realize just how insightful some people can be come 80 years of life. This kind man kept singing my praises and he barely knew me. I told him to watch out because I didn't want my head to get too big to fit out of the door.

He said many things that stuck with me that afternoon. I told him I wish I had a pen and paper to write down all of his valid points and lessons learned in life. Fortunately, he was a step ahead of me and had already started a document entitled, "Geriatric Reflections." I do still want a copy of that...

One thing he said, which I have already begun to share with various friends, was that it is greater to love than to be loved. While being loved is a beautiful thing, nothing compares to when someone allows you to love them. They are making themselves vulnerable to you and granting access to their greatest asset: their heart.

This of course made me think about all of those who I love. I have so many amazing friends who have given me this unbelievable gift and vice versa. It is absolutely worth acknowledging and appreciating. However, it also made me realize I need to take my love more seriously. These days people throw around access way too easily. We must all make a better effort to give our best gift to those who most deserve it. XO

Eleanor Rigby

As some of my social media followers may know...I got a dog! I decided I had to have a pug in my life because they truly are the best companions. I am actually writing right now with my man, Rigby snuggled up on my stomach. At just 5lbs, he packs a lot of love! I knew I needed some unconditional love in my life and Rigby, after 2 1/2 short days, is providing just that. I went with the name Rigby in honor of The Beatles song, 'Eleanor Rigby'. (My friend Nadia came up with it).

It is amazing what a dog can do to your life. I have grown up with dogs and crave the love they give. Rigby has such a great disposition and has been acclimated ever since we brought him home from Long Island.

I won't blab too much about my baby but I will show a photo and continue to share his love through my instagrams: @beccalaws & @beccalawsjewelry . After all, Rigby would want me to share his love. He is a sweet, generous boy with a heart of gold (even though he looks grumpy...a lot). Cheers to all the dogs we love! May their love encourage us to pay it forward and be more giving and kind as well! XO



Lately I have been overwhelmed with people and labels. Life is so cut and dry and labels are key to defining someone. Just like my mom, I have made some wonderful friendships that go beyond the term friend. Women often do this... My mom has an even bigger family because of the friends she has established. When you have people in your life you could rely on more than a sister, how do you honor them? Society doesn't allow for such self-selection families. There should be a term for a friend/brother or friend/sister. Labels provide a sense of security. The term friend can be used so loosely so when you have a select amount of special friends in your life, how do you honor them? "Best-friend" seems so middle school...

Behold the term, sister-out-law or brother-out-law. A label for a friend you would have in your family if the choice was yours. A name worthy for those you'd select as bridesmaids or groomsman; i.e., an adult best-friend. These special people should really be limited to one hand. After all, they would be the ones you wouldn't hesitate to put your life on hold for. 

I will never forget my first moment to witness a true sister-out-law. My mom was going through a tough time in her life, she had the flu, had to take care of my brother with his torn ACL and help me and my other brother. She felt all alone and extremely overwhelmed. We were all too young to fend for ourselves. My mom's sister-out-law finds out what is going on and books a ticket immediately from Cincinnati to Baltimore. She put her life on hold with her own kids to come help my mom and take care of her. As you can imagine, the term "friend" just doesn't cut it.

I feel so lucky to have similar people in my life. I definitely believe that the greatest friends we have in life are soul mates. They are sisters or brothers who, even though might have different beliefs or were raised differently, still resonate with you. Think of a way to honor your "out-law" today. Don't be afraid to spread the term either; just make sure it isn't confused with "outlaw"...the dash is key. XO

give > recieve

A few days before Thanksgiving, I couldn't shake a negative attitude. I felt horrible for feeling so down because I knew nothing good comes from bad energy. Of course, we are all human and bad attitudes come and go. I was anxious for mine to go...

My good friend Nadia came home from work and while I was happy to see her, I also apologized for being "negative Nancy." I told her I needed to get out and do something nice. She was very receptive of the idea and finally thought to buy a dozen roses and hand them out to strangers. I thought this was a PERFECT idea. I knew that would help to shake my mood!

Together, we went out and bought over a dozen roses, split them apart and started to hand them out. I hate to admit there was a method to our good deed. We decided we had to give them to people who looked "bummed." We had a few strange looks, rejections and ignorers. It was sad people thought there was a catch or thought they owed us something. Are so few good deeds done that people really don't believe in them? Well, some people were incredibly thankful. One woman almost brought tears to our eyes...she said, "you have NO idea how much I needed this...to smile. Thank you SO much!" At that point we knew our mission was a success. If we ultimately made one woman's night, I am happy to know that. In turn, she made my night as well.

A small, good deed can go so far. I have made a silent vow to myself to continue the good deeds. They come in many ways and even tonight I was paid one myself. I missed my bus home and decided to take the train. I had to catch the NYC public bus to Penn Station. (I hadn't been on since 2010). I had no idea they changed the system and we had to pay before we enter the bus. The driver waited for me to correct my mistake and a woman hopped off the bus to help show me what to do. I have realized that random acts of kindness fuel me more than anything out there. Please make a vow to yourself to go out of your way and remind the world of generosity. After all, 'tis the season to give. XO

the possibilities are endless

Today, my mom sent my brothers and me a video about pursuing your passions. The professor in the video says he asks students what they would do with their lives if money was a non-issue. Many of the answers involve simple joys: writing, running a horse farm, painting, etc. The truth is, people work better if they are following their passions. The speaker encourages people to do what they please and not focus on money because then you will lead a very unhappy life. You would be making money to live a life you hate in order to fund a life you hate.

There is a lot of truth in what this man says. We are told when we are kids that we can be whatever we want and that idea is so exhilarating. However, once you have to select a college major, that excitement starts to fade. You realize you are about to be streamlined into an education for a select amount of professions. At this point, the dream you once had is now as mythical as Santa Claus. After graduating college, I decided I wouldn’t have a lackluster destiny. I let my ideas continue to pour out of me and ran with the best I had; thus the start of Becca Laws.

Don’t let me fool you though! No idea is easy and starting a brand is not something I suggest to everyone. Perhaps your idea will fail…no matter how hard you try to make it work. I would never be disappointed in failure; the reason being, failure is a subjective term. You see, at this point failure is not even an option for me. I have already succeeded in executing a dream and putting it out there. No matter what happens in the future, I will know I had great success in completing something I love. I do not need to convince the world of this in order to be happy because I already am.

With that said, do the world a favor and follow your passion. Even if you cannot survive off of it, at least lay down the foundation. All it takes is a solid set of blue prints in order to feel accomplished. XO


There is something so romantic about Billy Joel’s lyrics. I have been listening to ‘Vienna’ on repeat and can’t get enough. I feel like he is singing directly to me. I had to know if he was referring to Vienna, Italy... Turns out he is referring to Vienna, Australia where his dad moved. Still intrigued, I did a little research into the meaning of the song. Apparently Vienna treats the elder with respect and lets them work within in the city. This helps appease the mind of growing old because your life will still have meaning. “Vienna waits for you…”

With the knowledge that your life will always have meaning, Billy Joel preaches the importance of slowing down. If he thought we moved too fast in the 70’s, I would be afraid to know how we define our lives today. Rather than putting a phone off the hook, we need to leave our cell phones behind for a while. Sometimes I even humor myself with “Airplane mode.”

My favorite part of the song is the part that makes me think. “You’re so ahead of yourself that you forgot what you need / Though you can see when you’re wrong / You can’t always see when you’re right” This part really is true…I have a hard time living in the moment. The best metaphor I have is from golf. When I was first learning my swing, the pro would yell at me for my gaze not following the stroke. I would immediately snap my head to look forward. I always wanted to see the target. It is so hard to follow the ball as it moves when you know where you want it to go. Of course I am doing myself a disservice. This is not an easy quality to fix because it is part of your personality. I can absolutely see when I am wrong and even have others help point it out. However, most the time when we are right, there is no good or bad reaction. With that said, it is very hard to keep track of all the times you have been right. The teacher with the gold stars does not follow you through your life. So perhaps the solution really is to slow down; only then can we begin to account for the good in ourselves. XO

love yourself

Today I felt like honoring the ‘143’ pendant. It has been a crowd favorite this month. A few of my friends did a self-purchase and I absolutely love it. A little self-admiration never hurt anyone. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of your needs and put others first. I think it is imperative we take a breath and account for who we are. Every person out there has a complex mind with such unique beauty. Acknowledging the good in people can’t help but make me smile. Acts of kindness act as my photosynthesis. I recharge from the positive energy others put into the world. A simple smile or door held open can give me a greater boost than small cat nap.

The truth is, when we love ourselves we emit happiness. My mom started a fabulous idea back when I was in high school. She painted beautiful flower vases with the quotation, “I deserve these…” I thought it was a brilliant idea. Flowers, just like the “143” pendant, can absolutely be a self-purchase. Flowers are traditionally something gifted to another for a special occasion but I think it shouldn’t end there. Self-purchases are sometimes the best purchases; you worked hard for something and you are rewarding yourself with a unique trophy.

I think jewelry is a special material purchase. Perhaps this is why I stumbled upon this industry. Jewelry, unlike clothing or other accessories holds such meaning. There is something so romantic and special about it. Jewelry is something precious that we use as a token to spend our lives with someone or we pass down generations. It can represent anything you choose. With that said, my suggestion is for you to honor yourself. Whether you decide to buy a ‘143’ or just go to the local store and grab a fresh bouquet of flowers, give yourself a reason to smile. XO

what defines you?

I think about this a lot. I am afraid that people get the wrong definitions too often. We are all in control of who we are and most people either do not realize that or take advantage of that. What is the point in choosing a definition that you have to force? That is the most exhausting choice and people do it all in the name of image. Being unaware is also just as big an issue. Some people let their jobs and lack of drive define them because it is the easiest option. I value the people who are conscious about who and what they are. We accept our troubled pasts and let it fuel our fire to persevere.

Just last night I had a serious talk with a friend. She opened up about issues she has dealt with and it made it very clear how she came to be who she is. I have so much respect for her attitude and outlook on life. However, I noticed she still held a little resentment (understandably so). In listening to her talk it became clear to me what she had to do. Any negative energy we hold onto takes a toll on us. Most of the time we don’t even realize we are doing it. The only realistic way to let go is to search for the good. With every bad thing there is always a good thing. Last night, I helped my friend see the good. The thought that her greatest things in life came from the worst thing, was an epiphany for her. I was so happy to help her realize this. She finally has a reason to appreciate the bad and truly let go.

I know a lot of my insight comes from my mom. She has always been a glass half full lady. She is a constant reminder that positivity outshines it all. We all work hard to build a successful definition. At the end of the day, what defines you is rooted in how you see the world, not what you do for a living. XO


Everyone has one…

It is human nature to feel sorry for yourself on occasion…even host a private, little pity party in your honor. Well, lately I have been exposed to several different stories. Seeing these strong, wonderful women going through hell kills me. One is living with a mother-in-law whose malice could compete with the worst of them. Another is battling with an ex-husband whose downward spiral is pulling those around him down as well. The sad part is, these stories are universal for so many out there.

Such is life. We are in charge of the decisions we make and what results…we either relish or pay the price. If every decision we made was perfect, there would be no appreciation for the good…it would be expected. Life really does feel like a game sometimes. Whether we are playing slot machines, Russian Rolette, RISK, Monopoly, it is all the same. We are taking chances…seizing opportunities. Some of the best decisions we make are those out of spontaneity.

I am so grateful for those who come into my life. The happiest and warmest people I know are those whose wounds are the deepest. It never ceases to amaze me. I continue to learn so much from these women and they keep me eager to perceiver. I am taking today as the day to honor all of the strong, independent women out there. You show us all how to be better people without even knowing it. XO

reasons to celebrate

My brother Jon got engaged a few months back to a girl I couldn’t be happier about, Ying. They are so great together and, as cliché as it is, bring out the best in one another. I am excited to have sisters for a change and can’t wait to have some gorgeous half Asian nieces and nephews. (Yes, I am planning ahead…)

Regardless, I actually never posted that I got to be in charge of Ying’s engagement ring. Working with diamonds has opened up my world and I was able to execute an amazing ring (if I do say so myself). It of course came down to the wire and nothing went smoothly but it was all worth it to make their dream come true. See for yourself below…

Perhaps even more amazing than the ring…Jon created this thoughtful video as his way to propose to Ying. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/01/engagement-video_n_2993542.html And yes, it did make it to Huffington Post! If you can bare with the length, it is actually a really nice video. He was able to hack his cell phone and find the original text messages they wrote each other to start the video off. In addition, he filmed Ying before and after to get the full effect. Some might say the highlight of the video is her parent’s reaction to the almost proposal!

Now I am counting down the days to their wedding…a day I am sure I will never want to end! I am so happy for Jon and Ying and cannot wait to recruit another Laws! Next in line – our sisterly makeup line! Stay tuned…XO

Photo Mar 22, 4 53 03 PM.jpg

fresh starts

I feel like a stranger at my own blog…here I am 2 ½ months later finally writing to you! Perhaps I am inspired because my favorite season is approaching. Fall always feels like a big hug. The warm weather vacates only to be replaced by much greater warmth. I love the smell of the fresh fall air paired with warm apple pies and cinnamon. I sometimes wish I could flee to the country as the leaves are turning and never come back.

It didn’t hit me until today that I actually appreciate the timing for the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Early fall seems like the most practical time to start fresh. I never quite feel like it is a New Year on January 1st. I am still cold and we are all maxed out on celebrations. We are encouraged to create a resolution to better ourselves but many lack the motivation to keep up. I feel like fall is a natural time to start fresh. We, along with nature, can turn a new leaf.

Perhaps I am fishing for an excuse to give myself a fresh start…but I like to think I am respecting the ways of others. Many of us are guilty of being a little provincial so it is a great practice to step back and see things in a new light. XO

expect the unexpected

Last week I was in Las Vegas for the JCK jewelry show. It was such a crazy experience and a real look at the jewelry industry. It is best compared to a kid in the toy aisle at Target. It is extremely over stimulating and you need at least a week to go through everything. There are thousands of vendors and plenty of “floaters.” It is very hard to know where to begin…

I did notice quite a few trends coming in. Becca Laws is right in sync with all the personalized trends surfacing. From monograms and initials to metal colors, puzzles, and geometric designs, we are a leader in trends. We have re-shaped the way people can think of personalized products. It’s always fun to be the innovator!

The excitement didn’t just end at the show. Vegas proved to be a very friendly place. As this was a business trip, I did my best to add in some pleasure. It is hard going somewhere like Vegas alone (especially for the first time) but I have never been one to be shy! I pulled a Carrie Bradshaw and treated myself to a nice dinner alone. I took a nice walk after the show to the Bellagio and grabbed a bar seat at the Michael Mina restaurant. After reviewing my selection on their iPad menu, I was enjoying the downtime. While sipping on my wine, this bubbly, blonde approaches the bar and orders a drink while waiting for her friends. Before I knew it we were fast friends and I was joining her table of 4 other couples for dinner. It was so much fun joining “strangers,” laughing and sharing our insights of life. They were all young married couples and most had young kids. Everyone was from different places but came to Vegas to celebrate one couple moving to London. It was fun to feel a part of these people’s lives for a night. As I have mentioned before in another blog post…friends start out as strangers so we should always have an open mind and invite the unexpected.

I love being outgoing and full of life because it is definitely contagious. Having an open mind and living without fear will generate so many possibilities. I managed to make friends that I may or may not ever talk to again. I do have an e-mail and plan to reach out if not to at least thank them for such a fun (and much needed!) night. It really is fun to go places alone sometimes…I suggest it to everyone. With the right attitude, you never know where the night will go…XO

The 10 keys to lasting happiness

According to Deepak Chopra, these are the 10 basic keys to a lasting happiness. 

  1. Listen to your body’s wisdom, which expresses itself though the signals of comfort and discomfort.
  2. Live in the moment. The present is the only moment you have. Have your attention on what IS and see its fullness in every moment. Have psychological acceptance totally and completely that this present moment is as it should be.
  3. Take time to be silent, to quieten the internal dialogue, to be guided by your intuition, rather than externally imposed interpretations of what is or is not good.
  4. Relinquish your need for approval. There is great freedom in that choice.
  5. When you find yourself reacting with anger or violence to any person, situation, or circumstance; recognize that you struggle only against yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
  6. Know that those you react to strongly, whether you love them or hate them, are reflections of yourself. Use the mirror of relationship to guide your own spiritual evolution.
  7. Shed the burden of judgement; you will feel much lighter.
  8. Don’t contaminate your body with toxins; either through food, drink or toxic emotions.
  9. Replace fear-motivated behaviour by love-motivated behavior.
  10. Understand that the physical world is just a mirror of a deeper  intelligence.

I think it's always good to practice different tools for self-improvement. There are lots of different points of view and ideas out in the world but I like these 10 simples rules. Some of these are deeper than others...like number 6. Our reactions are the raw fundamentals of who we are. We are in control of how react but must allow for the growing time that comes with acknowledgement. I also really like number 10...our world is constantly changing and evolving and what we get out of it derives from what we put in it.

How can you hold yourself accountable to your own happiness? I suggest reading these keys and thinking of ways you can start to live life to its fullest. XO

Laws' Law On Fashion: Bisou Bride

Bisou Bride

Photo Credit: Sophie Asselin. Sarah (right) and Miriam (left) of Bisou Bride. 

Why did you decide to start Bisou Bride? We know in French "bisou" translates to "kiss". Why did you decide to name your blog "Bisou Bride"?

Miriam of Bisou Bride.  

Miriam: The short version of quite a long story (which you can have a sneak peak of here) is that when I was just a wee little gal, I nicknamed my Gran Bisou because he was a jolly giant kind of a man who use to give us tickly kisses on our cheeks.

He taught me to work hard, roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. He really was one of my life’s greatest inspirations.

A few years ago, he passed of cancer & had his name engraved as “Gerald “Bisou” H.” on this epitaph. I fell apart when I saw that, yet it reminded me of how close we had been & I wanted to dedicate my life’s work to the values he had instilled in me. It keeps him close to me, and I know he’s watching over me!

Why did you decide to join Bisou Bride?

Sarah: Well, it’s kind of a long story, but basically I fell in love with the idea of Bisou as soon as Miriam mentioned it.  I love to write, and my plan is to be a writer, on a full time basis.  Miriam was the first person to believe in my dream (as well as being my greatest supporter), I also love weddings.  (I’ve watched 27 Dresses more times than I can count.)  So when Miriam asked me if I wanted to work with her on Bisou I jumped at the chance.  I love that while working on Bisou I get to research and write about something that has always fascinated me (the romance and creativity behind weddings), as well as working in my chosen field (writing). So far it’s been surprising, challenging, stimulating and inspiring.  And Miriam has so much more planned for Bisou, I’m truly looking forward to what the future will bring for us.

Sarah (right) and Miriam (left) of Bisou Bride.

What has the been the biggest challenge starting your own business?

Miriam: There are many challenges when you start a business, but we like to take these challenges head on and overcome them in bite size chunks. At Bisou Bride I am blessed to have a team who supports the vision and pushes hard to get where we want to go.

We believe that there is no challenge too great if we pull our strengths and resources together!

From your collection, which couple has been your favourite wedding? Why?
It’s part of our mission to bring brides as much inspiration as we can, right to their fingertips.  So there’s no place to play favourites here!  We do, however, look for certain criteria in our weddings, such as loads of details, people having fun & beautiful photography.

If any designer could create a custom wedding dress for you, who would you pick and why?

Miriam: That’s a tough one, we’ve been working with so many fabulous designers it’s hard for either of us to pick just one.  I think that like most brides, when it comes time for us to try on white frocks for our big day, we will just be looking for love at first sigh... and that will be it!

We’ve been reading the Bisou Bride blog and we saw you’ve introduced Girl Friday to the blog. Tell us about her!

Miriam: Girl Friday is our very own wedding savvy personal assistant. She’s fabulously sarcastic and to the point about getting your wedding organized (& keeping the crazies out of wedding planning).  Her “personality” is inspired by the tartness of Judy Greer’s character in 27 Dresses, and the practicality of Katherine Heigl’s in the same movie.  She does all of the wedding planning and tips columns on the blog, which you can find here! We noticed while reading other wedding blogs that while some do offer advice none offer helpful articles on a consistent basis and very few seem to follow the actual wedding planning process.  We wanted to be a bit different, and useful as well as inspiring and entertaining. Girl Friday just happened to be the perfect mix of those characteristics.  

On your Twitter, we love your inspirational quotes! We also love that you make them and they aren’t necessarily from famous figures. On your blog, we felt the material was fresh. From our wedding blog experience, it can packed with products and table settings, but not necessarily tips for staying organized. So we’d like to know what inspires your material from your wedding blogs, magazines, or family and friend’s wedding successes or nightmares?

Miriam: Our material comes from all over the place! We like to put together things that inspire us & share the knowledge we accumulate with our fans, vendors & brides.
Planning a wedding can be complicated enough as it is, sometimes you need a little motivational high 5 or a kick in the pants to get things done, which is what we hope we are giving on our twitter feed.

Also, we believe that educating brides & vendors alike is a key part of the wedding industry that has remained somewhat under developed. So we’re bridging the gap with the help of Girl Friday!

Where do you see Bisou Bride going in the future? Any new material we should keep an eye out for?

Miriam: Oh yes my dear there is! Loads of it! Bisou Bride Blog is just the tip of the iceberg, and although we do need to keep it under wraps for now.  If you stay tuned over the next couple months, you just might fall off your chair with the wedding awesomeness we are about to bring to the table!

Meet Bisou Bride!

Meet Bisou Bride!

  Photo Credit: Sophie Asselin.   Meet Sarah (right) and Miriam (left).

Photo Credit: Sophie Asselin. Meet Sarah (right) and Miriam (left).

Launched in 2013, the Bisou Bride team consists of Miriam and Sarah who spend their time in NYC, Montreal, Vegas, and San Francisco. The comprehensive site includes engagement and wedding inspiration, planning tips, and trusted vendors. 

Luckily, I discovered the team through Twitter (follow them at @BisouBride). What I loved about the site is their content and their inspirational quotes on Twitter. Gearing away from the traditional placemat ideas, Bisou shares applicable advice and inspiration for and from the modern bride. From how to plan a "green" wedding to stay-in-the-budget tips, Bisou gives you a personalized, realistic guide to planning your own unforgettable day. 

Everyone is blogging: fashion, food, travel, weddings. So why weddings? Miriam states it simply: "Why not?! I’m kidding, sort of. Without being kitsch, weddings are such a beautiful celebration of family values & love. We’re not really sure how we could live without them! Plus they are so darn beautiful, who wouldn’t want to live in such a lovely field?"

She's right!  The real engagements and weddings shared are gorgeous. If you love the site, continue loving them at the Bisou Bride Pinterest page. The "Going Green" is my favorite. Apologizing now for hours wasted.

Next Wednesday, I will share more on Bisou Bride and some of their new projects.  Miriam reiterates, "We may be the new kids on the bloc, but we’ve got a couple nifty tricks up our sleeve!  Stay tuned for them, because they’re hush hush now, but they are coming soon!"  In the meantime, check out Bisou Bride and sign up for their "Weekly Quickie" to help plan for your wedding. 


Follow Bisou Bride on Twitter @BisouBride

 f you are interested in being a guest blogger for Becca Laws, email beccalawsjewelry@gmail.com with the subject line: Guest Post.


Meet Lorna!

Meet Lorna! 

Welcome to our post with Lorna Burford! Lorna is an English fashion blogger with a penchant for Topshop and denim. She is the editor of DenimBlog and is also a fashion & personal blogger on her site, Raindrops of Sapphire. She recently won the 2013 Bath in Fashion Award! We were able to chat with the award winner on being a fashion blogger, who she'd steal from, and her jewelry style. Get to know Lorna below!  

In our next post, Lorna will share how she styles her jewelry. Stay tuned!

Meet Lorna of  Raindrops of Sapphire !  Photo Credit: Adam of Raindrops of Sapphire

Meet Lorna of Raindrops of Sapphire! Photo Credit: Adam of Raindrops of Sapphire

How does it feel to be the 2013 Bath in Fashion winner? How did you celebrate?

I'm actually really overwhelmed that I won. I never usually win anything so to win something as big as that I am so excited. I can't thank my readers enough and everyone who voted for me. It means so much to me. I've been blogging for just over 3 years now so it's nice to know it's finally paying off! As for celebrating, unfortunately I'm sick at the moment but I will probably have a meal out with my boyfriend on the weekend. I'm not really a party person so you can expect something quiet lol. 

What drew you to be a fashion blogger?

I actually didn't intend to be a fashion blogger. It was more of a natural progression. I originally started Raindrops of Sapphire as a place to call my own where I could share my likes on fashion and my outfits to communicate with others who felt the same and then it went on from there as a slow development. I just really enjoy being able to share fashion tastes and everything with everyone else.

If you could steal a celebrity's closet, who would it be and why?

That's an easy one! Definitely Jessica Alba! As I'm a denim addict she has the most amazing denim collection! She also styles her jeans perfectly; her style is a lot like my own so I would definitely choose her!

What store is your go-to for jewelry?

I have a mixture of places I usually buy my jewellery from! Topshop and ASOS are my main go to places as they have some gorgeous statement pieces for a great price. I'm happy to buy jewellery from anywhere though as long as I like the pieces! I don't mind what the brand is. It's all down to taste. 

What's the last piece of jewelry you bought?

I actually bought a few pieces in one go. I got a few gold and colourful spike bracelets and animals printed bracelets as well as some bold crystal rings. I picked these up in the sale a couple of weeks ago! I love to accessorize.

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