fresh starts

I feel like a stranger at my own blog…here I am 2 ½ months later finally writing to you! Perhaps I am inspired because my favorite season is approaching. Fall always feels like a big hug. The warm weather vacates only to be replaced by much greater warmth. I love the smell of the fresh fall air paired with warm apple pies and cinnamon. I sometimes wish I could flee to the country as the leaves are turning and never come back.

It didn’t hit me until today that I actually appreciate the timing for the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Early fall seems like the most practical time to start fresh. I never quite feel like it is a New Year on January 1st. I am still cold and we are all maxed out on celebrations. We are encouraged to create a resolution to better ourselves but many lack the motivation to keep up. I feel like fall is a natural time to start fresh. We, along with nature, can turn a new leaf.

Perhaps I am fishing for an excuse to give myself a fresh start…but I like to think I am respecting the ways of others. Many of us are guilty of being a little provincial so it is a great practice to step back and see things in a new light. XO