reasons to celebrate

My brother Jon got engaged a few months back to a girl I couldn’t be happier about, Ying. They are so great together and, as cliché as it is, bring out the best in one another. I am excited to have sisters for a change and can’t wait to have some gorgeous half Asian nieces and nephews. (Yes, I am planning ahead…)

Regardless, I actually never posted that I got to be in charge of Ying’s engagement ring. Working with diamonds has opened up my world and I was able to execute an amazing ring (if I do say so myself). It of course came down to the wire and nothing went smoothly but it was all worth it to make their dream come true. See for yourself below…

Perhaps even more amazing than the ring…Jon created this thoughtful video as his way to propose to Ying. And yes, it did make it to Huffington Post! If you can bare with the length, it is actually a really nice video. He was able to hack his cell phone and find the original text messages they wrote each other to start the video off. In addition, he filmed Ying before and after to get the full effect. Some might say the highlight of the video is her parent’s reaction to the almost proposal!

Now I am counting down the days to their wedding…a day I am sure I will never want to end! I am so happy for Jon and Ying and cannot wait to recruit another Laws! Next in line – our sisterly makeup line! Stay tuned…XO

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