expect the unexpected

Last week I was in Las Vegas for the JCK jewelry show. It was such a crazy experience and a real look at the jewelry industry. It is best compared to a kid in the toy aisle at Target. It is extremely over stimulating and you need at least a week to go through everything. There are thousands of vendors and plenty of “floaters.” It is very hard to know where to begin…

I did notice quite a few trends coming in. Becca Laws is right in sync with all the personalized trends surfacing. From monograms and initials to metal colors, puzzles, and geometric designs, we are a leader in trends. We have re-shaped the way people can think of personalized products. It’s always fun to be the innovator!

The excitement didn’t just end at the show. Vegas proved to be a very friendly place. As this was a business trip, I did my best to add in some pleasure. It is hard going somewhere like Vegas alone (especially for the first time) but I have never been one to be shy! I pulled a Carrie Bradshaw and treated myself to a nice dinner alone. I took a nice walk after the show to the Bellagio and grabbed a bar seat at the Michael Mina restaurant. After reviewing my selection on their iPad menu, I was enjoying the downtime. While sipping on my wine, this bubbly, blonde approaches the bar and orders a drink while waiting for her friends. Before I knew it we were fast friends and I was joining her table of 4 other couples for dinner. It was so much fun joining “strangers,” laughing and sharing our insights of life. They were all young married couples and most had young kids. Everyone was from different places but came to Vegas to celebrate one couple moving to London. It was fun to feel a part of these people’s lives for a night. As I have mentioned before in another blog post…friends start out as strangers so we should always have an open mind and invite the unexpected.

I love being outgoing and full of life because it is definitely contagious. Having an open mind and living without fear will generate so many possibilities. I managed to make friends that I may or may not ever talk to again. I do have an e-mail and plan to reach out if not to at least thank them for such a fun (and much needed!) night. It really is fun to go places alone sometimes…I suggest it to everyone. With the right attitude, you never know where the night will go…XO