Everyone has one…

It is human nature to feel sorry for yourself on occasion…even host a private, little pity party in your honor. Well, lately I have been exposed to several different stories. Seeing these strong, wonderful women going through hell kills me. One is living with a mother-in-law whose malice could compete with the worst of them. Another is battling with an ex-husband whose downward spiral is pulling those around him down as well. The sad part is, these stories are universal for so many out there.

Such is life. We are in charge of the decisions we make and what results…we either relish or pay the price. If every decision we made was perfect, there would be no appreciation for the good…it would be expected. Life really does feel like a game sometimes. Whether we are playing slot machines, Russian Rolette, RISK, Monopoly, it is all the same. We are taking chances…seizing opportunities. Some of the best decisions we make are those out of spontaneity.

I am so grateful for those who come into my life. The happiest and warmest people I know are those whose wounds are the deepest. It never ceases to amaze me. I continue to learn so much from these women and they keep me eager to perceiver. I am taking today as the day to honor all of the strong, independent women out there. You show us all how to be better people without even knowing it. XO