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Bisou Bride

Photo Credit: Sophie Asselin. Sarah (right) and Miriam (left) of Bisou Bride. 

Why did you decide to start Bisou Bride? We know in French "bisou" translates to "kiss". Why did you decide to name your blog "Bisou Bride"?

Miriam of Bisou Bride.  

Miriam: The short version of quite a long story (which you can have a sneak peak of here) is that when I was just a wee little gal, I nicknamed my Gran Bisou because he was a jolly giant kind of a man who use to give us tickly kisses on our cheeks.

He taught me to work hard, roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. He really was one of my life’s greatest inspirations.

A few years ago, he passed of cancer & had his name engraved as “Gerald “Bisou” H.” on this epitaph. I fell apart when I saw that, yet it reminded me of how close we had been & I wanted to dedicate my life’s work to the values he had instilled in me. It keeps him close to me, and I know he’s watching over me!

Why did you decide to join Bisou Bride?

Sarah: Well, it’s kind of a long story, but basically I fell in love with the idea of Bisou as soon as Miriam mentioned it.  I love to write, and my plan is to be a writer, on a full time basis.  Miriam was the first person to believe in my dream (as well as being my greatest supporter), I also love weddings.  (I’ve watched 27 Dresses more times than I can count.)  So when Miriam asked me if I wanted to work with her on Bisou I jumped at the chance.  I love that while working on Bisou I get to research and write about something that has always fascinated me (the romance and creativity behind weddings), as well as working in my chosen field (writing). So far it’s been surprising, challenging, stimulating and inspiring.  And Miriam has so much more planned for Bisou, I’m truly looking forward to what the future will bring for us.

Sarah (right) and Miriam (left) of Bisou Bride.

What has the been the biggest challenge starting your own business?

Miriam: There are many challenges when you start a business, but we like to take these challenges head on and overcome them in bite size chunks. At Bisou Bride I am blessed to have a team who supports the vision and pushes hard to get where we want to go.

We believe that there is no challenge too great if we pull our strengths and resources together!

From your collection, which couple has been your favourite wedding? Why?
It’s part of our mission to bring brides as much inspiration as we can, right to their fingertips.  So there’s no place to play favourites here!  We do, however, look for certain criteria in our weddings, such as loads of details, people having fun & beautiful photography.

If any designer could create a custom wedding dress for you, who would you pick and why?

Miriam: That’s a tough one, we’ve been working with so many fabulous designers it’s hard for either of us to pick just one.  I think that like most brides, when it comes time for us to try on white frocks for our big day, we will just be looking for love at first sigh... and that will be it!

We’ve been reading the Bisou Bride blog and we saw you’ve introduced Girl Friday to the blog. Tell us about her!

Miriam: Girl Friday is our very own wedding savvy personal assistant. She’s fabulously sarcastic and to the point about getting your wedding organized (& keeping the crazies out of wedding planning).  Her “personality” is inspired by the tartness of Judy Greer’s character in 27 Dresses, and the practicality of Katherine Heigl’s in the same movie.  She does all of the wedding planning and tips columns on the blog, which you can find here! We noticed while reading other wedding blogs that while some do offer advice none offer helpful articles on a consistent basis and very few seem to follow the actual wedding planning process.  We wanted to be a bit different, and useful as well as inspiring and entertaining. Girl Friday just happened to be the perfect mix of those characteristics.  

On your Twitter, we love your inspirational quotes! We also love that you make them and they aren’t necessarily from famous figures. On your blog, we felt the material was fresh. From our wedding blog experience, it can packed with products and table settings, but not necessarily tips for staying organized. So we’d like to know what inspires your material from your wedding blogs, magazines, or family and friend’s wedding successes or nightmares?

Miriam: Our material comes from all over the place! We like to put together things that inspire us & share the knowledge we accumulate with our fans, vendors & brides.
Planning a wedding can be complicated enough as it is, sometimes you need a little motivational high 5 or a kick in the pants to get things done, which is what we hope we are giving on our twitter feed.

Also, we believe that educating brides & vendors alike is a key part of the wedding industry that has remained somewhat under developed. So we’re bridging the gap with the help of Girl Friday!

Where do you see Bisou Bride going in the future? Any new material we should keep an eye out for?

Miriam: Oh yes my dear there is! Loads of it! Bisou Bride Blog is just the tip of the iceberg, and although we do need to keep it under wraps for now.  If you stay tuned over the next couple months, you just might fall off your chair with the wedding awesomeness we are about to bring to the table!

Meet Bisou Bride!

Meet Bisou Bride!

  Photo Credit: Sophie Asselin.   Meet Sarah (right) and Miriam (left).

Photo Credit: Sophie Asselin. Meet Sarah (right) and Miriam (left).

Launched in 2013, the Bisou Bride team consists of Miriam and Sarah who spend their time in NYC, Montreal, Vegas, and San Francisco. The comprehensive site includes engagement and wedding inspiration, planning tips, and trusted vendors. 

Luckily, I discovered the team through Twitter (follow them at @BisouBride). What I loved about the site is their content and their inspirational quotes on Twitter. Gearing away from the traditional placemat ideas, Bisou shares applicable advice and inspiration for and from the modern bride. From how to plan a "green" wedding to stay-in-the-budget tips, Bisou gives you a personalized, realistic guide to planning your own unforgettable day. 

Everyone is blogging: fashion, food, travel, weddings. So why weddings? Miriam states it simply: "Why not?! I’m kidding, sort of. Without being kitsch, weddings are such a beautiful celebration of family values & love. We’re not really sure how we could live without them! Plus they are so darn beautiful, who wouldn’t want to live in such a lovely field?"

She's right!  The real engagements and weddings shared are gorgeous. If you love the site, continue loving them at the Bisou Bride Pinterest page. The "Going Green" is my favorite. Apologizing now for hours wasted.

Next Wednesday, I will share more on Bisou Bride and some of their new projects.  Miriam reiterates, "We may be the new kids on the bloc, but we’ve got a couple nifty tricks up our sleeve!  Stay tuned for them, because they’re hush hush now, but they are coming soon!"  In the meantime, check out Bisou Bride and sign up for their "Weekly Quickie" to help plan for your wedding. 


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