what defines you?

I think about this a lot. I am afraid that people get the wrong definitions too often. We are all in control of who we are and most people either do not realize that or take advantage of that. What is the point in choosing a definition that you have to force? That is the most exhausting choice and people do it all in the name of image. Being unaware is also just as big an issue. Some people let their jobs and lack of drive define them because it is the easiest option. I value the people who are conscious about who and what they are. We accept our troubled pasts and let it fuel our fire to persevere.

Just last night I had a serious talk with a friend. She opened up about issues she has dealt with and it made it very clear how she came to be who she is. I have so much respect for her attitude and outlook on life. However, I noticed she still held a little resentment (understandably so). In listening to her talk it became clear to me what she had to do. Any negative energy we hold onto takes a toll on us. Most of the time we don’t even realize we are doing it. The only realistic way to let go is to search for the good. With every bad thing there is always a good thing. Last night, I helped my friend see the good. The thought that her greatest things in life came from the worst thing, was an epiphany for her. I was so happy to help her realize this. She finally has a reason to appreciate the bad and truly let go.

I know a lot of my insight comes from my mom. She has always been a glass half full lady. She is a constant reminder that positivity outshines it all. We all work hard to build a successful definition. At the end of the day, what defines you is rooted in how you see the world, not what you do for a living. XO