give > recieve

A few days before Thanksgiving, I couldn't shake a negative attitude. I felt horrible for feeling so down because I knew nothing good comes from bad energy. Of course, we are all human and bad attitudes come and go. I was anxious for mine to go...

My good friend Nadia came home from work and while I was happy to see her, I also apologized for being "negative Nancy." I told her I needed to get out and do something nice. She was very receptive of the idea and finally thought to buy a dozen roses and hand them out to strangers. I thought this was a PERFECT idea. I knew that would help to shake my mood!

Together, we went out and bought over a dozen roses, split them apart and started to hand them out. I hate to admit there was a method to our good deed. We decided we had to give them to people who looked "bummed." We had a few strange looks, rejections and ignorers. It was sad people thought there was a catch or thought they owed us something. Are so few good deeds done that people really don't believe in them? Well, some people were incredibly thankful. One woman almost brought tears to our eyes...she said, "you have NO idea how much I needed smile. Thank you SO much!" At that point we knew our mission was a success. If we ultimately made one woman's night, I am happy to know that. In turn, she made my night as well.

A small, good deed can go so far. I have made a silent vow to myself to continue the good deeds. They come in many ways and even tonight I was paid one myself. I missed my bus home and decided to take the train. I had to catch the NYC public bus to Penn Station. (I hadn't been on since 2010). I had no idea they changed the system and we had to pay before we enter the bus. The driver waited for me to correct my mistake and a woman hopped off the bus to help show me what to do. I have realized that random acts of kindness fuel me more than anything out there. Please make a vow to yourself to go out of your way and remind the world of generosity. After all, 'tis the season to give. XO