to love > to be loved

Last week I had the luxury of spending time with my mom. Sadly it has come to be a luxury because of proximity. It is always refreshing to spend time with family because they almost always know the ins and outs of who you are. Fortunately I have great places to visit and this time I jetted to Asheville, NC. 

While I was there, I finally thought of so many great things to blog about. Seeing as my Grandmother lived there, we know quite a few older people. I will admit, sometimes I have little patience for life reflections of those I barely know. However, this time around I quite enjoyed hearing particular life reflections from a friend of my Grandmothers. I came to realize just how insightful some people can be come 80 years of life. This kind man kept singing my praises and he barely knew me. I told him to watch out because I didn't want my head to get too big to fit out of the door.

He said many things that stuck with me that afternoon. I told him I wish I had a pen and paper to write down all of his valid points and lessons learned in life. Fortunately, he was a step ahead of me and had already started a document entitled, "Geriatric Reflections." I do still want a copy of that...

One thing he said, which I have already begun to share with various friends, was that it is greater to love than to be loved. While being loved is a beautiful thing, nothing compares to when someone allows you to love them. They are making themselves vulnerable to you and granting access to their greatest asset: their heart.

This of course made me think about all of those who I love. I have so many amazing friends who have given me this unbelievable gift and vice versa. It is absolutely worth acknowledging and appreciating. However, it also made me realize I need to take my love more seriously. These days people throw around access way too easily. We must all make a better effort to give our best gift to those who most deserve it. XO