love yourself

Today I felt like honoring the ‘143’ pendant. It has been a crowd favorite this month. A few of my friends did a self-purchase and I absolutely love it. A little self-admiration never hurt anyone. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of your needs and put others first. I think it is imperative we take a breath and account for who we are. Every person out there has a complex mind with such unique beauty. Acknowledging the good in people can’t help but make me smile. Acts of kindness act as my photosynthesis. I recharge from the positive energy others put into the world. A simple smile or door held open can give me a greater boost than small cat nap.

The truth is, when we love ourselves we emit happiness. My mom started a fabulous idea back when I was in high school. She painted beautiful flower vases with the quotation, “I deserve these…” I thought it was a brilliant idea. Flowers, just like the “143” pendant, can absolutely be a self-purchase. Flowers are traditionally something gifted to another for a special occasion but I think it shouldn’t end there. Self-purchases are sometimes the best purchases; you worked hard for something and you are rewarding yourself with a unique trophy.

I think jewelry is a special material purchase. Perhaps this is why I stumbled upon this industry. Jewelry, unlike clothing or other accessories holds such meaning. There is something so romantic and special about it. Jewelry is something precious that we use as a token to spend our lives with someone or we pass down generations. It can represent anything you choose. With that said, my suggestion is for you to honor yourself. Whether you decide to buy a ‘143’ or just go to the local store and grab a fresh bouquet of flowers, give yourself a reason to smile. XO