Meet Bisou Bride!

Meet Bisou Bride!

  Photo Credit: Sophie Asselin.   Meet Sarah (right) and Miriam (left).

Photo Credit: Sophie Asselin. Meet Sarah (right) and Miriam (left).

Launched in 2013, the Bisou Bride team consists of Miriam and Sarah who spend their time in NYC, Montreal, Vegas, and San Francisco. The comprehensive site includes engagement and wedding inspiration, planning tips, and trusted vendors. 

Luckily, I discovered the team through Twitter (follow them at @BisouBride). What I loved about the site is their content and their inspirational quotes on Twitter. Gearing away from the traditional placemat ideas, Bisou shares applicable advice and inspiration for and from the modern bride. From how to plan a "green" wedding to stay-in-the-budget tips, Bisou gives you a personalized, realistic guide to planning your own unforgettable day. 

Everyone is blogging: fashion, food, travel, weddings. So why weddings? Miriam states it simply: "Why not?! I’m kidding, sort of. Without being kitsch, weddings are such a beautiful celebration of family values & love. We’re not really sure how we could live without them! Plus they are so darn beautiful, who wouldn’t want to live in such a lovely field?"

She's right!  The real engagements and weddings shared are gorgeous. If you love the site, continue loving them at the Bisou Bride Pinterest page. The "Going Green" is my favorite. Apologizing now for hours wasted.

Next Wednesday, I will share more on Bisou Bride and some of their new projects.  Miriam reiterates, "We may be the new kids on the bloc, but we’ve got a couple nifty tricks up our sleeve!  Stay tuned for them, because they’re hush hush now, but they are coming soon!"  In the meantime, check out Bisou Bride and sign up for their "Weekly Quickie" to help plan for your wedding. 


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