the possibilities are endless

Today, my mom sent my brothers and me a video about pursuing your passions. The professor in the video says he asks students what they would do with their lives if money was a non-issue. Many of the answers involve simple joys: writing, running a horse farm, painting, etc. The truth is, people work better if they are following their passions. The speaker encourages people to do what they please and not focus on money because then you will lead a very unhappy life. You would be making money to live a life you hate in order to fund a life you hate.

There is a lot of truth in what this man says. We are told when we are kids that we can be whatever we want and that idea is so exhilarating. However, once you have to select a college major, that excitement starts to fade. You realize you are about to be streamlined into an education for a select amount of professions. At this point, the dream you once had is now as mythical as Santa Claus. After graduating college, I decided I wouldn’t have a lackluster destiny. I let my ideas continue to pour out of me and ran with the best I had; thus the start of Becca Laws.

Don’t let me fool you though! No idea is easy and starting a brand is not something I suggest to everyone. Perhaps your idea will fail…no matter how hard you try to make it work. I would never be disappointed in failure; the reason being, failure is a subjective term. You see, at this point failure is not even an option for me. I have already succeeded in executing a dream and putting it out there. No matter what happens in the future, I will know I had great success in completing something I love. I do not need to convince the world of this in order to be happy because I already am.

With that said, do the world a favor and follow your passion. Even if you cannot survive off of it, at least lay down the foundation. All it takes is a solid set of blue prints in order to feel accomplished. XO