Eleanor Rigby

As some of my social media followers may know...I got a dog! I decided I had to have a pug in my life because they truly are the best companions. I am actually writing right now with my man, Rigby snuggled up on my stomach. At just 5lbs, he packs a lot of love! I knew I needed some unconditional love in my life and Rigby, after 2 1/2 short days, is providing just that. I went with the name Rigby in honor of The Beatles song, 'Eleanor Rigby'. (My friend Nadia came up with it).

It is amazing what a dog can do to your life. I have grown up with dogs and crave the love they give. Rigby has such a great disposition and has been acclimated ever since we brought him home from Long Island.

I won't blab too much about my baby but I will show a photo and continue to share his love through my instagrams: @beccalaws & @beccalawsjewelry . After all, Rigby would want me to share his love. He is a sweet, generous boy with a heart of gold (even though he looks grumpy...a lot). Cheers to all the dogs we love! May their love encourage us to pay it forward and be more giving and kind as well! XO