A good friend was once a stranger

Lately, I have been interested in Malcolm Gladwell's books. Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit or fascination with humanity should pick up a copy. He really makes you think about life and how and why events happen. For me, I am fascinated with his research on success and how ideas come to fruition. If you approach something blindly and refuse to seek help, then I wouldn't count on getting anywhere. For the stubborn people of the world, it is hard to come to terms with the fact that you cannot do something alone. Those who stop and ask for directions will most likely arrive at the destination faster than those who do not. It does not make you look like a failure; rather, you are the one savvy enough to make use of a resource. 

Another interesting topic Gladwell touches on, is friendships and networking. He said that those outgoing individuals who tend to know everyone, are the connectors of the world. They approach meeting people with an honest intention; they simply enjoy others. He said you can point out the connectors in your life by thinking about your friends and how you know them. Who introduced you? I definitely realize who the connectors are in my life but I also realize that half of my friends were, situationally, discovered by me. With that said, I have the most eclectic group of friends imaginable. They are so spread out in location, age, and personality. Now more than ever, my old soul is apparent. 

Take a moment to think about your friends and how they came to you. It is easy to take them for granted but we also need to make sure we celebrate them. Celebrating friends does not seem like as much of a priority in our 20's. Most people feel like friends are still a dime a dozen. I have always known this not to be true. I know that what separates a connector from a collector is how valuable their relationships are. Connectors genuinely want to know people, whereas collectors just want to feel popular.

Hope this was some valuable food for thought and glimpse into my world. If this hasn't sold you on his books I don't know what will! XO