If the shoe doesn't fit, don't force it

Would Cinderella have ever found Prince Charming if her step-sister managed to successfully force the glass slipper on? I would like to think so, but there is definitely a reason for why we don't pursue something that doesn't fit. Why do we feel compelled to force the most important things in life? Relationships, careers, friendships - these are all things that we should consider our priorities. When shoes don't fit, we accept it and find an alternative that does work. Why don't we apply the same rationale to our lives?  

If I didn't follow my gut, I would not be where I am today - blogging to you. I try so hard to listen to the inner voice who knows when I feel out of place. It is not an easy judgement call because there are two types of discomfort. There is the true discomfort when you feel a clash of personalities or skills, and then there is the mental discomfort best compared to the muscle pains the day after a hard workout. You are pushed out of your comfort zone and have to really work for something great. While this is a pain, you know there is good to come and you can reasonably forecast it. Nothing worth pursing is easy; it should just be rewarding.

In one of my many moments of distress, I talked with my oldest brother. He told me to consider my life as a stock portfolio. There are going to be many peaks and great moments but there will also be quite a few low points. He said you have to just get through these low points knowing it will spike back up shortly after. I like this analogy a lot and it helps to think of life in such simple, visual terms. I hope it helps you too! Continue to count your blessings and celebrate every achievement, big or small! XO