Validation from a stranger

It is a wonderful feeling when a stranger, with no bias, gets you. They simply understand who you are and what you have to offer the world. When you have found your passion, you are good at it, and you are working hard to make it happen - others will eventually see it.

When first starting out, I can't tell you how many times I wondered to myself if people actually liked my jewelry or were just being nice. You are so vulnerable and exposed as an artist, because what you are showing the world is a piece of yourself. Everyone starts out feeling this way no matter what kind of art you offer the world. Every person is creative; you don't have to be artistic to be creative.

I feel so fortunate to have reached a point, this early in life, where I can receive validation from strangers on a regular basis. Having a source of empowerment from people other than your friends and family is an unexpected gift. Just recently, I spoke with a store owner and she could not have been more wonderful. She completely understood my jewelry and loved my designs. It was so refreshing to have someone other than my friends and family believe in me.

We definitely do not tire of affirmation because it keeps the fire burning. It pushes us to work harder and take chances on our dreams. Do not let fear stop you from pursuing your passion - the outcome will always be worth the battle. XO