The architectural details of Brooklyn certainly do not disappoint! I have seen some beautiful designs this past week on my long walks around the city. It appears I don't need to be in Europe after all in order to find inspiration...bummer (there go my write offs)! At least it is a cheaper and more convenient alternative. 

I wish I knew the stories of these iron fences, gates, and doors. Perhaps it would offer more inspiration to know where those architects found theirs? I suppose, like people watching, I could use my imagination and come up with some exciting stories. For starters, I am sure this was an entrance way for something more exciting than deliveries at one point. 

I am sharing this image with you, because it will debut itself in one of my upcoming designs. I am very excited to have it ready for you all! In the meantime, I will keep you on your toes - dreaming up all of the possibilities! Enjoy your relaxing, early fall Sunday and stay tuned for more. XO