What is the right answer? This is the million dollar question I have been asking myself constantly. There is so much weight on every decision I have been making lately and it is exhausting! As a kid, you think that adults have the answer to everything...definitely not true. How convenient it was to have someone else make all of the choices for us!

Making our own decisions is one of the most rewarding yet taxing gifts in life. You put all of your trust in the way your parents guided you and the years of education you endured. It is unsettling, and many people avoid these tough decisions at all costs. It is those people who avoid change who I feel sorry for.

A couple of months ago, I was sitting with a friend discussing life. As we were hashing out our options, I thought of a suitable analogy to our life's map. I compared our lives to a GPS gone haywire - perpetually "recalculating." But each time we "recalculate," we grow. I trust my half-full glass and know that life will work out. We have to believe in the choices we have made and stand behind them. Regret is the biggest waste of energy and will not do us any favors! XO