"Slow down, you crazy child"

Time to take a tip from the fabulous Billy Joel.

These past two weeks I have not been able to kick this cold. I have been popping decongestant pills like its my job. We are so use to operating on overdrive, especially here in NY. However, illnesses come for a reason and act as a wake up call to remind you that you are your first priority. They force you to relax when you have been so unwilling. 

One of the ladies I work with heard me suffering and offered up her Eastern medicine cure for colds. Sweet Lisa speaks broken English and was giving such supportive advice. She insisted I take some of her dried orange peels cured with salt. I learned they are available in Chinatown and work wonders to clear up your throat. She said Eastern medicine believes acidic fruits and even bananas are not good when you are fighting a cold. Who knew that nature's gift is actually harmful in your path to recovery!?

I love learning about other cultures and how they approach life. It is a beautiful thing and when you have an open mind, you can embrace anything you want. I have always been the kind of person who can't focus on reading to learn. Instead, put me in a room that is culturally diverse and I can learn more than any book could teach me! One day, I will travel the world... 

Keep an open mind and make friends of all varieties! A positive attitude and love for life is contagious. Remember to slow down and invest in your greatest asset...yourself! XO