Splurge box

You know that infamous saying, "out of sight out of mind"...well I am adopting it for a "splurge box." My friend Abby and I have a hard time saving money, so last night we invented the splurge box! It is essentially a joint piggy bank/savings account. We are going to take a shoe box, cut a small slot and begin tossing in change and bills. At the end of each month (or two) we can open it up and treat ourselves to a dinner out! It is the perfect solution for justifying an expensive outing. And knowing that we are both putting money in it takes away any temptation to open it up and grab some cash for that dress you've been dying to get! I've never been good with an online savings account because it is so easy to stare at the number and transfer some over. Finally, a worthy solution! I suggest you all run to your closet and get to work on your own splurge box! XO