Paper, not plastic

Credit cards are...In a word, evil. I'm sure you have your own personal convictions about them, but they do something else to our psyche. They make us jaded. Jaded to luxuries that would be much more enjoyed and appreciated if they were earned. So, what exactly happens when we buy things we cannot afford? By the time we actually can afford them, our tastes have matured into something even more expensive or out of reach. The desire for more will always be there.

To quote, yet again, one of my all time favorite artists, Billy Joel: "Don't you know that only fools are satisfied?" Foolish spending is not only detrimental to our bank accounts, but it numbs us to the good things in life we can afford. And there is something so satisfying about desiring something for a long time, and finally being able to do it...or purchase it with your own money- not Mastercard's. It's also never a good feeling to own a pair of $795 shoes, but not afford a $7.95 cab ride so you don't kill me. XO