What is meant to be, will be

Last week, when the lottery was at 530 million dollars, everyone I knew was getting tickets and dreaming big…toying with the magical, “what if?” I couldn’t help but entertain my dreams as well. It’s true that money would definitely help bring certain dreams to reality. It would be our version of an “advance token.” The truth is…there are no gains or losses in an express pass to life. You haven’t had opportunities to pay dues, gain properties or collect. You instead, enter with a neutral persona and go on to reap the benefits from a battle you didn’t fight, but was won for you.

Regardless, dreaming with money is a really nice mental exercise that allows you to pinpoint your passion. Of course, money isn’t necessary to find your passion but it can help you dream big. Once you know your passion, you can work hard to make it happen. The battle wounds make for the best stories and give you thick skin to act independently. No two dreams are the same, so it is important to be confident in yourself and be prepared to wear many hats.

I love hearing other’s dreams and giving people the encouragement and confidence to follow through. It reminds me of a quotation that stuck with me: “Never let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game.” It is easy to think the worst, so you have to focus on the “what if’s.” Every success starts as a “what if” paired with confidence. So what is yours? XO