Clean day

This is a little thing my dear friend Abby and I love to do on a mutual day off. There is nothing more satisfying than literally cleaning everything. We start by cleaning the apartment and then move on to ourselves. Once everything is physically clean, the real fun begins.

We do face masks, hair masks, eyebrow waxing, lip name it! Pair this with green tea or red wine (depending on your mood), candles and a good movie and you're golden! 

I would love to pass along some "clean day" tips to you now! My dear friend Meg was sweet enough to get me a gift certificate for a facial for my Birthday. I can't tell you how nice and necessary this was! I finally got some great tips on how to appropriately take care of my face. The esthetician was so sweet and even gave me a hug when all was said and done! The first thing I learned was to never dry out your skin. City life does not compliment one's complexion and many people think drying out excess oil is the answer. Toni said my skin was far too dry and I should be moisturizing daily. In addition, she recommended a product that works well for breakouts and anti-aging. She said, in both cases, it is good to speed the shedding of skin cells on your face. Many people invest lots of money in anti-aging lotions and apply it to layers of dead skin and it isn't able to penetrate your healthy skin. She also stressed to not use oil-free products. As long as you shop the right brands, oil based products are good for your skin and will not strip them like the majority of the products out there. Seriously, if you need a good facial...Toni is well informed and gives a wonderful facial!

So, Abby and I are now able to effectively execute "clean day" now. We use exfoliators, hydrating masks, and green tea bags on our eyes. Instead of mud masks we are focusing in on hydration...especially with the winter season approaching! I hope this helped you to focus on your needs and think about your physical well-being. I have attached some links below for you to check out some of the products I use and love! And yes, they actually WORK! Those who have seen me lately would agree. My skin has never been perfect and now I can actually say it's getting there! NOT because of Proactiv or other gimmicks!

Please take the time to invest in yourself! You are a worthy cause and you will be so happy when you feel pampered! XO