2 days after

Ever since Friday afternoon, I have not been able to get those 20 beautiful children out of my head. Not to mention, the adults as well. It was a truly horrific event that continues to keep my heart aching. I know many of us are trying to get on with our lives and not dwell, but it has not been as easy for me. I find myself thinking about each family of the children and what their stories were. I have always been an extremely empathetic person and I can't help but wonder the suffer they must all be enduring. I truly do not know how you can move on from something like this. Not to mention, the Holidays are upon us. Thanks to retailers and society, the Holidays are such a drawn out period, so this will be a long and painful reminder every year for all who were impacted. 

I talked with my mom the evening of and we both had been down the same thought trail. I said, "I just can't help but think about each family's circumstance. I am sure some of those kids had been sick with colds and their parents encouraged them to go to school that day. Those parents will forever blame themselves, thinking if only I didn't make him/her go to school!" My mom said she thought the same thing. As Obama said, these kids had their whole lives in front of them. I just hope this acts as a wake up call to everyone. We really do have so much to be thankful for in our own lives and we can never take anything for granted. Every moment we have is such a gift so we really must live like every day is our last. You never know what the cards hold so we need to be high on life. Do not live with regrets! We are all filled with so much potential and must act like it to honor the lives of those children. That is the best gift we can give to those of Newton, CT. 

Earlier this week, one of our family dogs passed away. He managed to escape from a fenced in area and ran into the road, only to be hit by a car. It was very upsetting and sudden. It wasn't until Friday, when it all finally made sense. Jack was taken from us at such a young age because his purpose was far greater. He was meant to be there, awaiting those beautiful, scared kids. He has the energy and strength to give them the love and affection they need. I truly believe this and am so grateful their spirits can be together. 

What we need to do from now on, is acknowledge a good deed from anyone and then pay it forward. If we all showed more appreciation to one another, maybe we could start acting like the "United" States that we are. That is the one thing we actually do have control of. XO