New year, new attitude

This past weekend I grabbed a coffee with my friend Meg after a hard, two hour workout. We went by the Starbucks I worked at very briefly before College. (Still can’t believe I did that job…so stressful!) Since leaving, all but one of my fellow baristas still works there. Usually we share some small talk but this time was a little different. While waiting for my coffee, she asked me to step over so she could see me. Skeptically, I came a little closer. Then, to my surprise she said, “You look like you’ve gained some weight…is that why you were at the gym?” Meg started uncontrollably laughing because of how inappropriate the comment was. I awkwardly laughed and blamed the Holidays. Truly, I am 5 pounds over my usual weight. The excuses are endless…I have been sick for a month, it’s the winter, I know lots of great cooks, etc. Regardless, I brushed her comment off with a joke: “Yeah…I’ve got these love handles and no one to love on them!” At that point Meg couldn’t breathe because she was laughing so hard. She ran out to the car while I was still “doctoring” my latte. I am pretty sure we will be laughing at this for a long time. I couldn’t imagine saying that to anyone, especially an acquaintance. I know I am not over weight by any means…I am still an extra small! Regardless, I suppose this will make me even more motivated to work on the popular New Year’s resolution of hitting the gym. I’m anxious to get rid of those silly 5 extra pounds!

I have a good feeling about 2013. I know every year we start with high expectations, but I truly believe in this one. My friend Abby and I had a 5 minute long toast yesterday. We pledged to be even better versions of ourselves and continue to build on our dreams. I’m pretty sure we managed to cover every base. I think with motivation and a good attitude we can conquer anything. XO