Hearts on overdrive

This past weekend I finally caught up with a lot of girlfriends. It was so nice to hear where everyone is in their lives. The stories couldn't be more different but the context was generally the same. As I mentioned to them - we are go-getters. My closest friends are the achievers and the ones who struggle to find an off button. It makes sense that we found and appreciate one another. While it is not necessarily a good thing to always be on; it is better than always being off.

Relationships have been a very common theme in conversation. My go-getter friends...struggling to find someone who has the same lust for life. While opposites attract, I think your level of motivation must be closely matched. If it isn't, how will you ever respect each other? While that is one small piece to the puzzle, I consider it a crucial one. Without it, there would be no hope for a pretty picture...something would always be missing.

Be sure to take the time to figure out what YOU want for your life. Once you have a clearer understanding of yourself, it is easier to narrow your focus. XO