Reign it in

When your creative juices are flowing it is hard to control them. Many times, ideas pour out and I want nothing more than to see them all happen. It is hard to push them aside and keep your focus narrowed. If you try and make 10 ideas happen, you can't execute them all with great attention. My biggest challenge has been in keeping that focus. It is so hard to stick with one idea and push it. You have to choose wisely and get creative. It is very discouraging because you are putting all of your eggs in one basket and there will be lots of rejection. However, once the right person sees it, everything changes. 

After much hesitation, I finally watched the Justin Bieber documentary. I am so glad I did. It is amazing to see how he became the sensation he did. He clearly had talent at such a young age and he did not give up. He never stopped exposing himself to the public. He would hit the streets but also created YouTube videos. All it took was the one key person to find him and see his success with fans on the Internet. It is a remarkable journey and definitely an inspiration to any artist.

The most valuable thing I have learned in this process of pursing the "impossible," is to never give up. Many people get discouraged because everything about great success seems impossible and unlikely. Too often people are overly rational and fail to pursue something because the chances are slim. What you have to remember is that much of life is a gamble, and who is more worthy of your bet than yourself? It's the same reason we buy lottery tickets. We know there will be a winner, and for a split second we entertain the thought of it being ourselves. However, I will tell you right now, there is a much better chance of building your own greatness than there is of winning it out of luck. Find your passion, narrow your focus, and bet on it. XO