One of a Kind

Growing up with brothers was a guaranteed adventure every day. I have so many memories and stories from childhood I couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around. Whether I was convincing Bob to play house with me on a sick day, filming their home videos (an 8 year old with a giant old school video camera), opening both ends of moving boxes to make a giant box tunnel/fort in the basement, putting our David Blaine knowledge to work and tying up our babysitter to see if she could escape, etc. We really did have a wild and crazy childhood together and I am so grateful for the memories.

Today, I want to honor one of them seeing as it is his Birthday. Growing up, Bob, was always the one to help when no one else would or thought to. He would go above and beyond to help me succeed with anything. To this day, he is still my go-to for questions and help because he is always one step ahead of me. All throughout school, regardless the grade, I always needed help with homework. With my Dyslexia, school never came natural to me and I always needed help. Everyone in my family was patient with me, but Bob was most of all. When my mom was busy working or making dinner Bob would always stop his homework and help me with mine. He would never get frustrated when I still didn’t understand after his third explanation. He was determined to see me understand and would encourage me to try hard instead of handing over an answer. He will go down as one of my best teachers by far. Even when he was in college I would e-mail papers for him to proof read. I am so lucky to have a “Bob” in my life because he was always more than just a brother. He gave the word “brother” a new meaning all together, which is why no Hallmark card out there can convey who he is to me.

Now he lives almost 3000 miles away from me. New York and California, polar opposites. It is crazy to think that my right hand man is no longer within arm’s reach. I think about how important certain people are to me and how I need to get better with communication. Bob and Jon are my two favorite men out there. They are living their lives and proving to the world just how remarkable they are. It is time for more people to see what I see and I have great feelings about the Laws family. We have an entrepreneurial spirit in our blood. I may have found mine in jewelry but Bob is working to create revolutionary programs to keep up with the growing world of technology. He is also an amazing painter, just like Jon. ( Jon is off to lead a top household brand in marketing. We are all working towards greatness and it is exhilarating.

Cheers to one of my most favorite guys in the world. I would not be who or where I am today without you. Happy Birthday!!! I celebrate you every day, but especially today…It is your day! I love you! XO, Bec