pick and choose

The one thing I love the most about New York City is the diversity. America is indeed the land of opportunity and NYC certainly is the mecca for such. I am so fortunate to be living here, experiencing the world. As I said in talking with a stranger last night, the thing I love most about NYC is coincidentally the thing I hate the most. There is a place in NYC for everyone. I love that anyone can feel at home here, but I hate that the city lacks an authentic identity. 

I am lucky to have first hand experience with the diversity of NYC. Everyday I associate with Chinese, Hispanics, Indians, etc. As I have mentioned before, I have loved the exposures to other cultures. Understanding how people came to be who they are is very intriguing. Knowing only one culture seems naive. We stress the importance of exposure to life but we only focus on our small bubble. It is easy to visit new places, but how many people actually comprehend and accept other ways of living or thinking? We are so caught up in our own world that the other ones tend to seem fictional. Even the world news stories sound like fictional short stories at times.

I have been spending time with a guy my age from India and it has been very enlightening. He is here temporarily with a work visa and experiencing the busiest city in America. He has grown up thousands of miles away from where I did, yet I feel more in common with him than most American guys. I am enjoying spending time with him and learning about the world through his eyes. He is such a thoughtful, respectful guy with so much to offer. We share similar values and can hopefully adopt some of the better parts of each other's culture.

It is refreshing to find common ground with those you least expect. But, the only way you will have that opportunity is to have an open mind. XO