A special day

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful Queen who had the gift of two handsome young Princes. She was so happy with her two precious baby boys but so desperately wanted a Princess. She would play with the Princes and secretly hope she would one day get to play dolls too. She kept telling herself it would be a boy in order to not get her hopes up. When the day finally arrived for her to welcome another child to the world she was thrilled. The baby was born in laughter. The doctor made the Queen laugh so hard he told her to stop because the baby was coming fast. Eager to get into the world, the Princess finally arrived to the Queen. The Queen was so happy, her laughter turned to tears.

To this day, the Queen and the Princess are always laughing. They share a special bond, that no evil witch could break. The Queen spent all of her energy to bestow her wisdom, values, and love on the little Princess. She made her appreciate what she had and fight for what she wants. It didn’t take long for the Princes and Princess to realize that they were the lucky ones. The Queen has become such a role model to her kids and proved that no matter what cards you are dealt, even in a glorious life, you can work through anything. XO

Happy Birthday, Mom! You are the colors of my rainbow and the honey in my tea.