Who am I?

It’s funny what happens to you once you have lived in NYC for a while. It is strange to go from being a tourist to being a resident. How do you make something so glorified feel homey? My solution…move to Brooklyn. Just last night I was talking with my friends about how many people let the NYC glamour take over them. It is easy to get “lost” here because this city manages to appeal to anyone and everyone. There is a place, or even a district, for any type of individual. It is so easy to get swept up by the diversity and become a chameleon. What fun is that? It really is hard to find people who are extremely authentic in the city. Granted we are all a little guilty of acting differently at times but at a certain age, that trial period should expire.

Brooklyn, on the other hand, offers up a refreshing change of pace. Every night I come home I feel a weight being lifted. It is nice to live amongst authentic, genuine people. More good things happen when I am in Brooklyn than when I am in Manhattan. People want to help each other and will go out of their way. In Manhattan, people feel like objects that are in your way. I get so frustrated walking anywhere because 9 times out of 10, I collide with another person. I see why people can get bitter (because I do) and it is so unfortunate.

To be yourself, is the greatest gift of all. So many are concerned with an image or being liked by any given person. But at what cost? You will never be fulfilled if you don’t take the time to find where you belong. We are all forced to describe ourselves in a glorified way on a resume but we never take the time to write an honest resume. A tough question that you should take the time to answer honestly, just for yourself, is: Who is (your name)? We should all have a clear understanding of who we are. XO